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Littlehampton Croquet Club News

End of Season Prizegiving Lunch

Many will have seen that our chosen venue, the Littlehampton ‘Look & Sea’, went into administration last week – so sad. However no deposit had been paid and we have secured an alternative venue, Rustington Manor (under new management). The lunch is therefore confirmed as 7th November. The numbers are limited to 44 and you are advised to book (and pay) early, once the Secretary advertises the menu.

New Clubhouse now OPEN

We finally connected the new gas supply on Tuesday 28th August which completed the huge project to build us a new clubhouse. We owe a huge vote of thanks to our small but incredibly hard working Project Team. You know who they are, do congratulate them. The old building is now redundant and must be removed within three months; we currently have an interested party who is likely to remove and reuse it. . . . show more

It will take some time to settle down into a new routine for use of our much improved facilities and proposals will be made at the AGM to change the systems for roll-up teas, match teas and cleaning routines; watch this space! Meanwhile please try to keep the clubhouse clean – cleaning materials, brushes etc. in the toilet. Any ideas to improve the way we use our clubhouse are always welcome but please feed your proposals through a committee member. If it involves additional work please include your suggestions as to who might undertake the work and indicate whether you would be prepared to lead a team.
We plan a formal opening early next season. . . . show less

Centenary Cup CANCELLED

Following what proved to be a fortunate decision to postpone Sunday’s Centenary Cup due to wind & rain, we have looked at the possibility of a re-schedule. First selected date [2nd Sep.] has proven non-viable because of non-availability of key Littlehampton Club Members. . . . show more

We then looked at Bank Holiday Sunday, 26th Aug. and 9th September. Unfortunately there are too many competing attractions over the Bank Holiday and, on 9th Sep. there is a Sunday League cricket match on the secondary square which makes three of our lawns unusable. Later in September the days shorten and we have lawns scheduled for refurbishment.
Thus and sadly we have to Cancel the 2018 Centenary Cup. Clubs who entered teams will be informed by letter, including how to reclaim their entry fee. . . . show less

The New Clubhouse

[Updated on 4 August]
Southern Water will be connecting up our mains supply on 15th & 16th August . Traffic lights outside the Green Gates – please park in Sportsfield and avoid the Green Gates.
Thank you to all who helped Robyn Clark to paint the Clubhouse. There is still a little to complete and Robyn has left a detailed drawing and instructions on the paint pots in the shed. It would be good to progress and complete; volunteers can paint at any time but contact Robyn if you need advice please.
. . . show more

The water pipe to Berry Lane and the internal plumbing is complete, the septic tank facility is well advanced and major excavations are finished; however until the ground is leveled and manholes are complete TAKE CARE. The Gas system is the last major task to be undertaken, probably within the next ten days. There may be a short period when no gas is available but then we MOVE INTO THE NEW CLUBHOUSE.
There will still be work 'in-hand', for example installing the solar panels and low voltage electrical system, mallet racks and generally making ourselves 'at-home'. Therefore an Official ‘Grand Opening’ is not planned until the beginning of the 2019 season.
We are required by Arun District Council to demolish our old clubhouse within a specific period following occupation of the new building. Therefore, please note, it will NOT be possible to use both.

Postcode Community Trust is a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery. Our New Clubhouse received £2000 from the Trust to provide solar lighting for the new clubhouse. . . . show less

Play a Friendly Match?

Chrissie Merrington is always keen to build a list of additional players for Friendly Matches. If you have not volunteered, speak to Chrissie, although the teams are selected for the remainder of the season, we often need a substitute and new volunteers will be given priority. All you need is a signed Handicap Card and some form of white or near white clothing.
Give it a go!!

Try Association Croquet?

We normally play Golf Croquet but a small group now play Association Croquet on Wednesday Mornings starting at 10.00am. They will always welcome any member who would like to try out AC and it has been proved that even a small amount of AC hugely improves your GC game. Just one earnest request, if you want a try out AC do please arrive at 10.00am promptly – this allows the AC players to organise themselves to include you and not require them to abandon their games mid morning to instruct you.

Taster Membership

Please Note: - One Month ‘Taster Membership’ now costs £25 but is deductible from a new member’s annual membership subscription if they subsequently decide to join us.
In the next couple of weeks we will be welcoming a number of prospective new members. When trial new members are at the lawns we always give them priority use of one lawn and ask all members to make them feel welcome. We need new members and, when the new clubhouse is opened, we have the facilities to support a 20% increase in membership.

New Weekly Lawn Diary Published

View the Weekly Lawn Diary by clicking the right-hand Image Links, or download it, accessible from the 'downloads link' at the bottom of any page.
NOTE: Singles played after tea on Thursdays but you are welcome to start doubles at 1.30.

Parking Outside the Green Gates

We have received complaints about cars parking by the green gates, thus forcing oncoming traffic into the ‘right turn’ chevron area. If parked while opening or closing the green gates please put your hazard lights on. . . . show more

Do not queue behind other vehicles while waiting for the gates to be opened. If necessary drive away and return a few minutes later. This is important since further complaints could lead the Highway Authority to question our continued use of the Green Gates and thus ability to park at the lawns. Ideally, enter from the Sportsman roundabout direction when arriving since this would be safer and would avoid crossing the chevrons. . . . show less

Electronic Payment Transfer

The Club Bank Accounts are now ‘on-line’ and the option to make payments to, and receive payments from, the Treasurer via BACS electronic transfer is available. This method is strongly encouraged to save time and effort for the Treasurer. Bank details will not be sent out electronically but can be obtained by ringing any committee member. . . . show more

Once only, first set-up on your own system, further payments are simple, fast and secure. However:- It is essential that you use the electronic money transfer 'Reference Box' to identify your payment; use your surname and a single word clue as to what the payment is for. So the Chairman paying for his Quiz Night ticket would use the Reference ‘SHERWIN QUIZ’. Simple – but if you don't use a meaningful reference, we will get the money, but you will fail to get it's credit! . . . show less

Access for Emergency Services

Emergency Service SatNav takes them to the main gate so there is no requirement to practice opening the Green Gate height barrier. The Main Gate security has been enhanced by providing shielded padlock arrangements, similar to the Green Gate. . . . show more

The numbers to open these gates are displayed in the clubhouse outside the toilet door.
So, if it's necessary to call an Ambulance to the lawns, as a matter of priority a member MUST go to the Main Gate and unlock it. The Ambulance crew will have to help push it open unless we can send over a strong team. If there is a spare person available send them to our Green Gate to redirect the ambulance in the unlikely event that it turns up at the Berry Lane Gate. The Priority must be to unlock the Main Sportsfield Gate. . . . show less

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Welcome to Littlehampton Croquet Club

The Club welcomes Members for the 2022 Season
Please refer to the Membership Area for the daily programme, lawn bookings and Members' contact details.

Posted on Tuesday April 5 2022